Our Family’s Communion Box

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Our Family's Communion Box was something we started at home when I got a revelation of 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 and the tradition that Paul passed down to us as Sons & Daughter's of God to do until Jesus returns. Being that I have two little ones, I wanted to teach them in a way they would get it. At church it's talked about like you know or not talked about at all. I believe if Jesus said, "Do this in remembrance of Me" - He meant to keep doing it or would've said to stop. So, I created something that I believe combines simplistic reverence in the partaking of Communion and keeping Jesus at the center of our hearts.

You can do this alone, but I encourage you to do this with someone the way Jesus did with His disciples and the way Paul did with the church in Corinth. There's no better way to celebrate then sharing, remembering, and passing on the gift that is Communion. Communion reminds us of that all that He did for us on the Cross and all that we have access by the power of Jesus!

Communion Box Description

  • Our Family's Communion - Keeping Jesus at the Center Guide and a wooden stand.
  • Communion Scripture passage card. 
  • (5) count wafer and grape juice - double sealed and individually wrapped. 
  • (1) 5ml Oil of Joy, Essential Anointing Oil in the scent, Blessing glass roller with a prayer guide.
  • (5) Salvation Prayer Cards.
  • Prayer of Blessing for your Home & Family.
  • *Optional Add On: Jesus Is Lord Prayer Cloth

The Starter box comes with 5 Communion elements (wafer & juice) serving 5 people. After your Starter Box, you'll only need to order more Communion elements (wafer & juice) and any other add ons (coming soon).