The Shift Changer Podcast

Ready for change? Ready for new? But wonder why you keep going back to the same ole' situation, habits, relationships, and lifestyle? I know that feeling. I've been friends with the feeling of stuck, bad habits, and all the things. I had a major shift in my life in 2018 when I was laid off. I was depressed, over eating, in debt, and felt like the I could not get out of it. To top it off, God asking me to give Him my best "yes" to staying home and give up my beloved career as a critical care nurse. So, I said "Yes" to God. But nothing happened for a while because nothing changed in me. One day I remember thinking, I've got to let go of the way I thought this was going to be and change my mind to what God has for me.  I was inspired by the book, LeaderShift, by John C. Maxwell and the quote, "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." by Mother Teresa. This store, Paloma Blanca was birthed out of that!  The Shift Changer Podcast also came as a result! It's a platform to share with you what I've learned, what others have learned, and to have an authentic conversation about the things that get us stuck in life. Shift happens! But it's possible to use those as lesson stepping stones and move towards growth, action, and change in our world. It starts with me and it starts with YOU! 
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