About Us:

Paloma Blanca translated “white bird” is commonly symbolized as a dove. The dove represents peace, love, the Holy Spirit, and the very presence of God. My memory of doves takes me back to my childhood with my grandmothers who both loved them. Though my grandmothers were raised in different countries (one from Mexico & the other Puerto Rico), their lives were almost parallel as seamstresses, in their hospitality, and lived lives marked by their love for Jesus.

This journey began for me as a mama and t-shirt lover on a hunt for a brand with a bold message of Jesus the whole family could wear, but only found offensive and expensive tees. A friend of mine started a design company and asked me about making shirts. Shortly after telling him “no”, I received several phone calls from friends battling various cancers with t-shirt requests to wear on their journey. Anymore than making those shirts, I struggled to find time outside of juggling a full-time nursing job and home life to start up a business. I told God adamantly to stop giving me ideas. Months later, myself and the entire hospital I worked for were laid off due to bankruptcy. My husband said, “look at this as a gift”…except it didn’t quite feel like one. I then made a mental shift and began to see this moment was designed for a purpose.

The fruition of Paloma Blanca was in keeping in remembrance the lives of my grandmothers, being obedient in the leading of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14), and the desire to help others. We exist to enhance believers to walk in boldness with the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives, to spark authentic joy from the inside out, and to radiate Jesus’ love through servanthood.

“After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly. All the believers were one in heart and mind….and God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all.” Acts 4:31-32 NIV

“Be enthusiastic to serve the Lord, keeping your passion towards him boiling hot! Radiate with the glow of the Holy Spirit and let him fill you with excitement as you serve Him.” Romans 12:11 TPT

Each piece from our shop has been anointed, saturated in prayer, and sent out with a purpose to overtake you with blessings through the Holy Spirit. 

Our prayer is that you pass it on.