Paloma Blanca translated “white bird” is commonly symbolized as a dove. The dove represents peace, love, the Holy Spirit, and the very presence of God. My memory of doves takes me back to my childhood with my grandmothers who both loved them. My grandmothers were raised in different countries - one from Mexico & the other Puerto Rico. Their lives were almost parallel as they both loved to sew, were gifted in hospitality and delicious cooking, and lived lives marked for Jesus.

The journey to becoming an entrepreneur has always been inside of me, and I’ve been in MLM’s for many years. I never considered owning my own company, then I became a mom and I jumped on the "mommy and me" bandwagon! Except, I didn’t see the types of T-shirts I wanted. The messages on the trendy tees were offensive or blurry, but not what I wanted to represent. I would help friends with their t-shirt ideas, but still had not considered making my own or owning a business to do them. At that time, I struggled to find time outside of juggling a full-time nursing job and home life. That's right around the time, God shift changed my plans. He started to give me t-shirt ideas and I adamantly asked Him to stop by saying, "Thanks God, but when am I going to find time to do that?" Months later, I would find out on Facebook myself and 900+ employees found ourselves unemployed as our hospital filed for bankruptcy on May 4th, 2018. My husband's initial words were, “Look at this as a gift! You said you wanted more time to be with the kids and be creative." I think my exact words were, "Not like this!" Ahh, God has a sense of humor! Eight months later and while helping a friend with her cancer battle and knowing she would need the funds is when the fruition of Paloma Blanca began. I then began to explore who else was in need that I could help. See “Our Heart” for more information on who we help and where a portion of your purchase goes to. 

So, January 2019, I said “Yes!” to this dream God gave me (that I knew nothing about how to do) and decided to build this brand for His glory. We launched June 13th, 2019! Paloma Blanca is my testimony to the Lord, a tribute to my loving grandmothers, and a way to pray it forward for someone else in need. If it were not for the prayers of my grandmothers and my parents, I might not be here after struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Those prayers are what helped me out of that dark season and it was the gentle, loving voice of the Holy Spirit that reminded me that I am loved, I belong, I matter, and I still have a purpose. The Holy Spirit still leads me today. Knowing the power of prayer, I have tied it into the brand, our processes, and I felt that Acts 4:31 was fitting for our mission statement and it is this:

We exist to come alongside the struggling and the strong Believer to empower their walk with Jesus that they may be filled the boldness of the Holy Spirit. 

Every product from concept to creation, we intentional to seek the Lord. We don't share that to boast, but rather that you know that...every product tells a story and it's all for His glory! 

Myself and my family anoint every product, pray for every customer by name, and our prayer is that the Holy Spirit would give you His peace, guidance, and courage like never before...and that you will pass it on! 

Monica Curteman + the PB Team