Our Heart

Our Heart:

You and I were created out of God's love. Our heart's response to His great love for us is a life of loving, serving, and giving to others. At Paloma Blanca, we have incorporated that into our foundational structure. We call it, "sowing seeds to others in need" from the parable of the Sower and the Seed in Matthew 13. How we do that is by anticipating the needs of others, looking for opportunities to serve, and giving a portion of every purchase to local & global charities. We do give to non-profit organizations, but we also give to anyone we see in need. So, when you shop with us, we sow a portion of that purchase into a person, cause, or purpose that serves a need. That is where the Lord gave us this:

Shop, Sow, and Serve Purposefully
When you shop, we sow a seed to others in need.

It was vital for us to know those we were sowing into. I wanted to "rub elbows" with a person - not just an organization or an automated response, but someone that I could trust. And someone that you could trust too. This isn't just Paloma Blanca giving and doing a good deed.  Your purchase is what starts the seed process - Paloma Blanca could not do this without you. We're in this together! 

So, when I got to know local Houstonians, Mike & Lidiette Rosas, I knew this was a divine connection. Learning all about their journey from Mike watching a commercial to him & Lidiette starting a soup kitchen to building an orphanage in Soacha, Colombia to children who would most likely succumb to crime, drugs, violence, and sex trafficking - my heartbeat said, "Yes! This is love. This is who we are to partner with." On our first birthday, I thought it was important to share with you in the best way possible, considering social distancing, and hosted them on The Shift Changer Podcast so you could get to know them more. You can listen to our conversation on the episode: Shift Change to Love Beyond Boarders here and find more information about Love Bought International here.  

Our vision is to create a Gangster Giving community and expand to more organizations who support women and children who are in need. We envision our platform as an invitation for you to join us in a life of servanthood. That's why we've created the In This Together Collection. A line of items that help a person, cause, or purposeIt's impossible to save the whole world alone, but together WE CAN – one purchase at a time! Sign up below and become a Gangster Giver today!

Every product has a story and it's all for His glory!