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The The latest collection and what revival is all about.

"Revival's in the air
Catch it if you can
He's moving on the wind
The dawn is breaking
Lift your eyes and see
He's better than you dreamed
Everything you've lost
Love's returning"

This is the chorus of Bethel Music's Revival's In The Air album by the same name released earlier this year. When I heard this song, revival started stirring in my heart. I felt God's Spirit was doing something fresh and new - reviving our hearts (Isaiah 57:15). This song and the whole album really was on repeat and still is. This is where we derived the Revival Collection from - listening to this album over and over again. Then, the colors, designs, and words came later.

So, what is revival? Revival is derived from the word, revive. Re- means again and vive- means to live. Revival means an improvement in condition or strength; a restoration to bodily or mental vigor, to life or consciousness; a reawakening of religious fervor (Oxford Languages). So, you could say that for someone to experience revival in their lives they would have to be revived in Christ, be awakened, restored, and improve their mental and bodily vigor! How does one do that? I'm so glad you asked! Let me paint a picture:

You go to sleep tonight and after 8 hours of sleep (in a perfect world), you go to the restroom, brush your teeth, get dressed, make your bed, and the first thing you most likely think about as you step out of your room is that breakfast sure sounds good. You're hungry! Let's say you skip breakfast, but lunch you are hungry and moody. (And if you're like me, things just don't go as planned when I'm in this stage of hangry. I need food and I need it now.) Every morning when you go to sleep, it is a miracle, a blessing that you have another day, especially in 2020! Every day, you begin again. But you go about your day skipping meals and soon you're deprived or not even hungry. You've skipped a meal here and there, and when you eat - you run for crappy, unhealthy foods that don't fully satisfy the hunger your body longs for. He's included on Sundays and you only say His name when you've slammed your brakes that almost rear ended someone. Or maybe you don't call Him anymore. Maybe you've felt hurt, betrayed, or offended by God. With all that's gone on in the world, where is He anyways? You've social distanced God way before it was required, and as far as you're concerned - He's not around. You aren't hungry for Him because He isn't a part of your life. Do you see it?

No hunger. No God. No REVIVAL.

So, how do you awaken hunger for God when you're not hungry or disinterested? It's just as simple as the daily routine of brushing your teeth, putting on your clothes, and eating. You make God a part of it. You start by setting an intention in your heart and mind that you are going to start including Him into your life. Then, you decide how you would like to make it a habit, and then a daily discipline. Then, eventually, your heart will hunger and desire for more of God as you begin to feed yourself on the His Word, the Bible. Before you know it, you will start looking for more places where you can "ingest" the Word of God and He becomes what your world revolves around. That could lead you to talking about it on your social media platforms, church, a small group, serving, talking with friends, a podcast, and more. Eventually, you're in full blown revival hunger and all you crave is more of God in your life! That is what has happened to me and my family!

Hunger after God. Know God. Know Revival

Our 11 months of my husband's unemployment should have torn us apart, should have caused chaos in our children, should have divided our marriage, should have put us in depression, but it didn't. I knew at the beginning God was up to something. I didn't know what and still don't. Disclaimer: following God doesn't eliminate trials and tragedies in your life. Collectively with my husband and children, we had never gone through something like this, so I felt our faith was being tested and I wanted to pass this test as I felt God trusted us with this. We didn't expect it to last this long, and there were moments of fear - then our faith got stronger! There were moment of doubt, then our hope got stronger! You know what got us through? Paloma Blanca! We set our intention to pour into our brand and therefore, pour into YOU! We intentionally sought the Lord on what messages He wanted us to put out. I asked, "What do you want me to tell your people, Lord?" And we went from there in production. We received messages, DMs, cards, and reviews how our products were blessing you! And in turn, it blessed us! We had no income. We used our raining day fund that Dave Ramsey recommends you save for (and boy did it rain!), our baby fund, and some of our retirement to keep us afloat and to keep Paloma Blanca going. God did provide for us financially in other ways. We believed that pouring into our children during this time, our family, YOU and others was pouring into our future. That being a blessing is blessed! Leaning into God's strength is what stirred up revival in our hearts because we had nothing else to lean on. We saw God moving from out of our home and into yours! <--- That's what fired us up! Most revivals are in a large group in a tent or church and we have been seeing it from our home to yours with each package we sent out! We saw that God was not limited to a traditional revival setting. He was doing a new thing! Quarantine can't stop what God sets in motion.

Revival is starting in a new way - in your home and in your hearts!

The Inspiration Behind The Design -

Revival + Espiritu Santo Beanie

This is a great place to start because in order for revival to begin, the Holy Spirit must be let in. Espiritu Santo is Spanish for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is what stirs our hearts for more of God and a move of revival. These color palettes were my inspiration and you can see it in the graphic as well. 

Dios te bendiga Tee aka God bless you

This was one our foundational tees that we launched with in June 2019 and honestly, it didn't do so well. But after one of my cousins wore it about a year later (this year), it got a lot of buzz! I'm totally grateful for that! I decided that it needed graphic facelift and that's what we have today. I love this tee because although it's basic - it's powerful. God bless you! Let's not take that for granted or just be flippant phrase we use. God's blessings are extraordinary and eternal. And I want the whole world to I put in on a tee! 

Live Life Spirit Filled Tee Acts 4:31-32

The truth be told, living life Spirit filled is the role model Jesus gave us. Living by the Spirit is challenging, but it is attainable. I believe to truly live by the Spirit we must walk in the fruit of the Spirit or the character of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22-24 describes this as living in love, joy, peace, kindness, forgiveness, patience, goodness, self control, and faithfulness. So that the character of the filling of the Holy Spirit can produce what is described in Acts 4:31-32 - "while they were praying, the place where they were meeting began shaking. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak God's Word in fearless confidence. The whole congregation was of one mind and one heart - they were united. They shared everything. The apostles gave powerful witness to the resurrection of the Master Jesus, and grace was on all of them." That's what I want for you and me! 

Primero Dios Tee aka God First

There is no revival without God first and center. This tee has shown me how putting God first in all things shows off His wonders. I get so many messages from you all about this tee about how it encourages you and you've seen God do great things while wearing this tee. I decided God First or Primero Dios is a necessary reminder in all season and at all times. It deserves to be in our classics. I pray it becomes one of yours! 

The Goodness of God Tee

The Goodness of God is not Cancelled...It's running after me. I think I got this line from an online church service that I was listening to and I was in the middle of cleaning that I wrote in on a napkin. I wish I could remember who it was I was listening to, but it stuck with me. With every thing being cancelled or postponed in 2020, it feels like there's nothing good, happy, or anything to look forward to. Then I listened to this message and heard that line. I was reminded that God's Goodness was never cancelled in 2020 and can never be cancelled. His goodness is ever abounding and running after me and you! 

People Get Ready Jesus Is Coming John 14:1-3 is a song I remember as a teen that was made popular in 1999 by Crystal Lewis as we all thought life was going to end in the year 2000 or Y2K. I was so confused then, but I was awakened to the reality that Jesus will come back. I was not too concerned about it in my 20's, and what did not stir in my heart then was the discernment of the Holy Spirit. I'm more familiar with it and more trusting now. I believe we are living in the times spoken about in Luke 21. Actually, it was something the Lord has been telling me personally during quarantine: wake up, get ready, tell everybody about Me. Tell them that I love them and I want them to spend eternity with me. Which lead me to create this crewneck that I believe will not only be a witness to you, but to others as they read it. 
So there you have it, our Fall 2020 Revival Collection! New fall fragrances for Oil of Joy and Because I love You Jewelry Collection will be launching together November 2nd, 2020. We love you and we are praying for you! It is a joy to be a small part of your lives. Your messages, comments, and reviews uplift our souls as we read each one. Thank you for coming alongside us through this trying year. God will be glorified through all of our lives and we are truly, in this together! We pray for revival to stir in your hearts and home. 

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