I Have A Purpose Tee - Shop Paloma Blanca
I Have A Purpose Tee - Shop Paloma Blanca
I Have A Purpose Tee - Shop Paloma Blanca

I Have A Purpose Tee

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I Have A Purpose Tee is so yummy soft, and a beautiful color to wear year round. The message behind the design came from the secret life I lived in my 20's. What was public knowledge was that I was a clean freak. I loved to clean! I applied my immaculate cleaning skills to my partying, drinking, sleeping around, and out of control lifestyle. From the outside, I was a tidy Christian who grew up in church, went to a private school, and went to Bible College. I was a pro at Sunday service and rocking my WWJD gear on Wednesdays! On all the other days, I deliberately chose to live a life out of the umbrella of God's protection. When I decided to fully live for Jesus and focus on my new nursing career, the enemy loved to remind me of who I used to be, entice me to go back, and how I had blown my chance on being used for God. He also convinced me that no one would understand me if I came clean, and that I should keep my mouth shut. With the growing silence, grew the shame and guilt. 

On my way home from night shifts is when I felt the most oppression and the thoughts of suicide began. In my logic, I talked myself out. Then, what felt like the operating system of my hard drive (God) performing a force stop on those negative thoughts, I began to remember Sunday school and summer camp lessons. I was reminded I am loved by God and He has a purpose for me. I gave those Godly thoughts power with my voice and began to say aloud,

I am loved. I belong. I matter.


I said them until I believed them. My purpose is to tell you my story and that the God of the universe has handpicked you for a purpose on purpose. You are not too far gone from being used by God. He is not mad at you. He is madly in love with you. He is reaching out for you now, and longs to use your story for His glory, if you let Him. I pray this tee blesses you and reminds you of your worth! 

**If you struggle with suicide, call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or email me at shoppalomablanca@gmail.com - I would love to walk alongside you and pray over your life. 

You have a purpose here.