Our Mission



When I was a first-time mom, I was surprised at how much of my time and money went into raising a child. Somewhere around 2am I humbly thought, “There’s another mom doing this exact thing with little to no resources and she would give anything to have what I have right now.” This helped me appreciate the struggle, but it left me still thinking about those babies and mamas. Paloma Blanca is a platform opening the door for others to join in the servanthood of meeting needs.

We are created out of love to love by the love of Jesus, the ultimate Gangster Giver. He gave His life so we could give ours in service to others.

In searching for someone local with a global mission, I was introduced to an organization called Love Bought International. Houstonians, Mike and Lidiette Rosas, have a passion for orphans that began since childhood. They started a soup kitchen in Colombia and later built an orphanage. As parents themselves, they understand the basic needs of providing children food and shelter, but also education, community, and love through Jesus Christ. They are expecting their beautiful children soon (approximately 40 or so) and are eager to develop and cultivate family in their new home. Check out Love Bought International here.

The foundation of Paloma Blanca is that authentic love is expressed in the service of giving through our time, talent, and treasure – which we believe is totally gangster!

When you partner with us, you become a Gangster Giver and a portion of every purchase goes to Love Bought International. Additionally, every quarter there will be a special tee that is for someone in need to help offset their medical costs of either cancer or some life-threatening illness. Applications for the next tee will be later this fall. Check out our In This Together Tee here to find out about this quarter’s mission!

Our vision is to create a Gangster Giving community and expand to more organizations who support women and children, and individuals struggling with cancers or life-threatening illnesses.

Alone you cannot save the whole world, but together we can – one purchase at a time!

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