In This Together

Paloma Blanca started with a desire to serve others. With my background in nursing, I had many patients ask me for help them with their medical bills and would hear terrible stories of their financial hardships. God lead me to producing beautiful tees that deliver a message of hope & that give back to others in need. We've expanded our giving to not just tees, but all of our products. I call it "sowing seeds to others in need" from the parable of the sower and the seed in Matthew 13.

A portion of every purchase is sown into Love Bought, our partner who serves orphans in Colombia, and there's one shirt that the proceeds specifically go to financially support a person, cause, or purpose. When we started, we had one tee that was sown into an individual that was called, the In This Together tee. My vision then and now is to create a movement of people who band together for a person, cause, and purpose. Our mission to provide support, encouragement, and to give generously! I've expanded this to the: 

This collection's sole purpose is sowing seed into good ground and good ground is God's people. People more than ever need to know, we are "In This Together" and no one is to fight alone. Check out our latest here.