It's Time to Shine Fall Collection 2019

The It's Time to Shine Fall Collection is very personal and intimate. I imagine each collection will be, but in particular, this one involves the story of a dark season in my life. The messages behind the designs are the words & phrases that brought me out of that season, and some that are foundational to my everyday.

Two specific verses from the Bible that I had rumbling in my thoughts that drew me back were, "As a deer pants for water, so my soul longs for you..." and "Deep calls to deep." They're both found in Psalm 42. The entire chapter described the weariness and the disconnect from God, others, and myself. I lived for the most part, a straight, and narrow life. All of that changed after repeated small bad choices. These seemingly small choices lead to compounding mistakes, life altering consequences, and damage to my soul. I would later understand that I had stepped out of God's umbrella of protection that David talks about in Psalm 91. I never stopped going to church. I just made sure to keep my hypocritical facade in tip top shape so I wouldn't be questioned.

There were several turning points. One was in 2007 when I was pulled over by a cop and given a warning, "Stop being reckless or you'll end up dead." I made the choice to run back to Jesus because dying in my 20's wasn't an option, and I had just started my nursing career. "Get it together, Monica!" was my motto!  Another, I can remember clearly was a dream I had in 2017 that my secret life was going to be exposed. Initially, I was afraid of this going public. Later, I would realize it was the deep calls from my Heavenly Father, Who wanted me healed and restored once and for all.  

This collection is that dialogue I had with my soul, the words of the Holy Spirit reminding me of my purpose, and God saying, "It's time to shine and tell your story. No more hiding. No more secrets." I pray this collection blesses you! 

Your chica and sister, Monica

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